Note: Proper footwear, rubber boots or closed toed shoes, is essential for students, teachers and parent volunteers to maximize the learning potential and related enjoyment of these programs.


Cross Country Skiing

Please see Winter Programs for more details. Meets Health and Physical Education curriculum strands. 

Discover Science

Students will rotate through a series of activity centres, each based on a Specific Science Curriculum Expectation. Centres will include: waterwheels, windmills, floating boats, pulleys and gears, tool time with hammer and nails, hunt for bugs in the forest floor and more. This program promotes awareness of the natural/human-made environment and of the characteristics, function and uses of some common materials through hands on investigations and observations.

Farm and Pond Animal Study

Students will explore both our farmland and pond, meeting the animals that live in each environment. Through age appropriate activities students will learn about each animal’s adaptations, habitats and life cycles. Note: Proper footwear (i.e. Rubber boots) is essential for students, teachers and parent volunteers to maximize the learning potential and related enjoyment of this program. Highlands supplies the dip nets.

Leader of the Pack

This game of predator/prey survival, designed specifically for ages five to seven, allows children to role-play wildlife families. The children become baby animals while parent volunteers become animal parents. Each family (five children and one parent) travel around as a group searching for food and water (markers placed in the playing area) and try not to become food for a predator family.

Maple Syrup/Pioneer Days - March 19th to 29th, 2018

Let your class experience the History, production and taste of Maple Syrup. This is a half day program, starting with an interactive puppet show, followed by a hike through a Niagara Escarpment sugar bush. Combine with another program to make a full day adventure.

Sensory Stroll

Students will actively take part in a series of inter-connected activities that explore our natural surroundings by using four of their five senses; touch, smell, sight and hearing. This program aims to foster environmental appreciation within the students by encouraging a sense of wonder and respect of nature through first-hand experiences.


Please see Winter Programs for more details. Meets Health and Physical Education curriculum strands. 

Wayfaring (Map Work)

This is a half day program in which students will be exposed to the basics of mapping, and signs of wildlife in the forest. The students will map (draw a picture) of an inside room and find markers located around that room. They will then move outside and with a map, in small groups, with an adult, follow a marked trail through the forest, past a beaver pond, beside a shallow waterfall, to find markers (pictures of animals) on trees.

General Information

  • All Programs must be reserved in advance and are designed as half-day sessions for a minimum of 15 students per program. Two half-day programs make an exciting full-day program.
  • Program runs rain or shine (unless extreme weather conditions are forecasted).
  • Supervisors are expected to remain with their group throughout the visit (program/lunch) and are responsible for discipline.