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Let’s plant a tree!

Teal’s Tango opened in the 2019/2020 Season, and has since become one of
our most popluar trails.
Highland’s favourite fur baby, Teal, has always loved getting out to ski and
we wanted to create an opportunity for other dogs and their owners
to have the same experience.
A dog friendly ski trail is not something you see very often in Ontario
– but we had the space and the vision so we gave it a try!
Teal’s Tango has since become a hot spot, not just for dog owners and their pups.
Families, beginners, people practicing, warming up or cooling down
have all spent time on the trail. It has truly become a trail for everyone.
To complete the vision we need trees! We hope to plant 10,000 trees to protect
the trail from wind and help preserve snow. But we can’t do it alone.
Would you like to help?
Plant your legacy by donating a tree to Teal’s Tango.
A contribution of $150 covers a 4ft tree, delivery and planting

Our Covid Screening

We have implemented a screening test which allows you to feel safe, abide by the covid rules and still have a great time at Highlands! Fill it out here before coming to Highlands please.


Disc Golf is open.

Join CORC for exclusive access to our Mountain Bike trails.


Trails are in excellent shape. We have some wind today so you may find some drifts in our usual spots. Back Red, some of Woolner, and Teals Tango  may be drifty. See you on the trails!

We have been doing some snowshoe trail maintenance this week. We havent had a chance to get to the Narnia trail yet. You are welcome to snowshoe it if you are familiar with that trail, but it hasn’t had a big check like the others have. We will be getting to the rest of that trail this week. 

Fat Biking is OPEN. Trails are hard packed underneath, with some snow on top. As we get more snow the trail will get more challenging. 

We have another round of Strike Day Camp  (ages 4 to 11) on February 21.

March Break Day Camp (ages 4 to 10) will be running again this year. Contact Kelly for more information. You can also see details at the Day Camp page.

Click here to register for Day Camp.

See below for all kinds of fun things happening at Highlands!

Highlands Nordic Community Updates


The Feel the Love Sale starts this weekend and goes until February 17th. 14% off your ProShop Purchase!

Do you love pancakes? Come out for a Pancake Dinner and Ski on February 26th. $12 for pancakes, berries, apple sauce and bacon. RSVP Required.

For many years we have not had trail maps to hand out, trying to keep it green. While our network has lots of trail signage & maps, we have now gone one step further. Our trail map is now available on Avenza Maps. Download the app to know where you are at all times!

We would like to introduce a dog friendly ski trail! We have a flat 3km loop out in the front field, called Teal’s Tango. All are welcome on this trail. It will be especially great for beginners. We have planted seedlings this past spring with the hope of transplanting them to this trail when they are big and strong. We are looking forward to this location being a great spot to get your dog out on the trails and for an easier learning location for new skiers!

A few rules to live by on Teal’s Tango.

  • Dogs must be on leashes
  • No dogs in the building please
  • Pick up what your dogs leaves behind

These simple rules will help make the trail a success. 

Our conditions texting update program is back! We update the conditions page every morning, but sometimes things change throughout the day. With this program updates will come directly to you as a text. No app download required. Your phone number will not be shared. These updates are not to replace checking the conditions page, but to update you on changes throughout the day. Send your cell phone number to