Grade 3 Programs

Note: Proper footwear, rubber boots or closed toed shoes, is essential for students, teachers and parent volunteers to maximize the learning potential and related enjoyment of these programs.


Cross Country Skiing

Please see Winter Programs for more details. Meets Health and Physical Education curriculum strands. 

Pioneers and Pedlars

Students will explore the daily lives of pioneer settlers by role playing the life of a pedlar as they use a map to travel from “farm” to “farm” trading their goods for whatever the pioneer farmers have available (sheepskins, ashes, hog bristles, etc.). The pedlars then travel to a market to sell the goods collected from the pioneer farmers.

Plant Trek (Growth and Changes in Plants)

Students will take part in a series of interconnected activities that explore the characteristics and requirements of plants and their patterns of growth. A series of plants local to the Niagara Escarpment will be examined on a flora and fauna nature hike. We will explore fall and spring changes to plants, as well as the value of plants in our lives. 


Please see Winter Programs for more details. Meets Health and Physical Education curriculum strands. 

Under Our Feet – Soils Study (Soils in the Environment)

This program exposes students to the multitude of fascinating life systems supported by soil. Students are actively involved in the sampling and subsequent analysis of a variety of different soils. This program is intended to introduce students to the interdependence of humans and other living organisms with soils. 

Wildlife Walk

While on a walk through the woods, concepts such as predator/prey, wildlife adaptations, wildlife populations, and human influence on wildlife are explored through a series of games. This is a fun, active, engaging program. This activity requires fewer adult leaders to be effective.

Wayfaring (Map Work)

Students will learn basic mapping skills indoors then use these skills outdoors, following a primary map of the Niagara Escarpment. On their mapping adventure, students work in small groups with parents and teachers to find orienteering markers. 

General Information

  • All Programs must be reserved in advance and are designed as half-day sessions for a minimum of 15 students per program. Two half-day programs make an exciting full-day program.
  • Program runs rain or shine (unless extreme weather conditions are forecasted).
  • Supervisors are expected to remain with their group throughout the visit (program/lunch) and are responsible for discipline.