Grade 2 Programs

Note: Proper footwear, rubber boots (for Farm and Pond or when raining) or closed toed shoes, is essential for students, teachers and parent volunteers to maximize the learning potential and related enjoyment of these programs.


Air and Water in the Environment

Students will develop an awareness of the forms in which water and air are present in the environment. Using age appropriate work sheets to record their observations, students will rotate through a series of stations such as: wash and dry laundry, dig a well, use a pump, investigate the effect of temperature on living things (hibernate, migrate).

Cross Country Skiing

Please see Winter Programs for more details. Meets Health and Physical Education curriculum strands. 

Farm and Pond Animal Study (Growth and Changes in Animals)

Students will explore both our farm and pond, meeting the animals that live in each environment. Through age appropriate activities, students will learn about each animal’s adaptations, habitats and lifecycles.

Leader of the Pack (Growth and Changes in Animals)

This game of predator/prey survival, designed specifically for ages five to seven, allows children to role-play wildlife families. The children become baby animals while parent volunteers become animal parents. Each family (five children and one parent) travel around as a group searching for food, water, shelter and space (markers placed in the playing area) and try not to become food for a predator family.

Wildlife Walk

While on a walk through the woods, concepts such as predator/prey, wildlife adaptations, wildlife populations, and human influence on wildlife are explored through a series of games. This is a fun, active, engaging program. This activity requires fewer adult leaders to be effective.


Using ramps (inclined planes), toy cars, levers, measuring tapes, screwdrivers, pulleys, wedges, weights, different size wheels and axles, and construction of a ‘balloon’ car, students will rotate through activity centres to explore the workings and forces affecting simple machines.

Water Cycle Game (Air and Water in the Environment)

In this inter-active game, the students will role play water droplets as they go through the water cycle. Markers identifying the four stages of the water cycle and uses of water are set in a large wooded playing area. As a water droplet, the student must find all four stages of the water cycle and two uses of water. As they proceed through the water cycle, they are pursued by other students deemed to be – ‘Nasties’, agriculture and industrial pollutants. The students will emerge with a clearer understanding of the stages of the water cycle and the positive and negative impacts of human activities on water in the environment.

Wayfaring (Map Work)

Students will learn basic mapping skills then use these skills to follow a primary map on the Niagara Escarpment. On their mapping adventure, students will find markers, match pictures of wildlife and answer related questions. Students will work in pairs with parent helpers who will be strategically located at boundary points.

General Information

  • All Programs must be reserved in advance and are designed as half-day sessions for a minimum of 15 students per program. Two half-day programs make an exciting full-day program.
  • Program runs rain or shine (unless extreme weather conditions are forecasted).
  • Supervisors are expected to remain with their group throughout the visit (program/lunch) and are responsible for discipline.