Let’s plant a tree!

Over the past year, an on-going focus has been to continue to improve and building everyone’s favourite new trail, Teal’s Tango. Teal’s Tango is our 3km dog-friendly ski trail that has become a popular trail for more than just dog owners and their pups.

Families, beginners, folks warming up or cooling down have all spent time on the trail. Teal’s Tango has become a trail for everyone!

We are entering our second year of fundraising. Last year we had received $20,500 in donations and Highlands Nordic contributed an additional $23,125. We are committed to continuing planting trees to create our own little forest. But we can’t do it alone!

Please consider donating to this project. One tree is $150, and you can also make a contribution under $150 using our sliding scale.

Plant A Tree

Price: $ 150.00 CAD
Price: $ 1.00 CAD