How to prep for the ski swap...

Posted: 12/10/18

Going into a swap can be intimating. There will be volunteers in the swap to help you find what you need, but keep in mind it will be busy. Try and have your list of what you need and the questions you want ask ready. Here are some steps to help you be prepared.

1. Do some research. You don’t have to know exactly what you are looking for but having an idea is going to move things along a lot quicker. Skate or classic, waxable or waxless, recreational or performance equipment. These are just some of the questions. You can always call (705-444-5017) to ask questions ahead of time. We are here to help!

2. Know your shoe size (a surprising number of adults are unsure about this). It is extra helpful if you know your European shoe size. Know your weight. This will help point us in the right direction for skis.

3. If bindings need to be mounted, poles need to be cut, skis need to be waxed; we will be happy to help you at the Service Bench. Please note it will be unlikely we will be able to finish your service that day. You are welcome to leave you equipment to be picked up at another time.

4. We take cash, cheque, debit or credit on the day of the swap. Please note equipment bought in the swap is not under warranty.

It is always best to have the person you want to fit there but sometimes that isn’t always possible. Here are some things you should have to make your purchase a success.

1. Trace their feet on a piece of cardboard and bring that along. We can use it to compare to the boot insoles.

2. Measure their height in centimetres

3. Know their weight

4. For classic poles measure up to their arm pit and for skate poles measure up to their top lip. Again in centimetres.

Equipment for kids!

For boots: Go a size bigger than their current size. Get an extra insole to fill the boot. When it gets too small you can take the extra insole out.

For skis: Size 10cm to 15cm above the head. They will be able to use the equipment until it is head height.

For poles: You can measure up to their shoulder for classic poles and up to their nose for skate poles. Children 5 and under are better to learn without poles. You can start to introduce poles by end of season for a 5 year old.

With these tips, equipment can last most kids 2 years.

Happy ski swaping!