OEC Trip Tips


Programs: developed and delivered by Highlands staff, were designed specifically to meet the Core Ontario Curriculum.

Class Preparation: at least one introductory lesson on the unit should be taught in order to familiarize the students with the terminology that will be used.

Participation: Highlands staff will deliver your choice of program(s). Parents and volunteers will be expected to assist students during the program(s). Activities are NOT suitable for infants and toddlers.

Lunchtime: Bring your own lunch.

Discipline: Teachers will be responsible for students during lunch break and discipline throughout the day.

Clothing: The majority of programs involve outdoor activities.

Proper dress is essential for students, teachers and parent volunteers. Take into account the season, insects, program, etc.

Please wear hats in ALL seasons.

OUTDOOR footwear is essential.

Rubber boots for Pond programs and rainy days.

Closed-toed footwear for the other programs. Please!!

Spring Programs: Bring non-aerosol insect repellent, sun block.

Feedback to us: please email the evaluation form to hoec@highlandsnordic.ca

Environmental Ethic: Stress an environmental ethic. Aim to keep Highlands clean and free of litter. Leave flowers, plants and animal life undisturbed. Any collecting is done under the supervision of a Highlands staff member.

Transportation is your responsibility.

Facility is Wheel Chair accessible. An ATV carrier is on site.

Communications: Highlands Nordic
1182 Conc 10 South Clearview Township
Duntroon, ON L0M 1H0
phpne: 705-444-5017

Email the completed booking form to: hoec@highlandsnordic.ca
Please indicate any special needs your students may have.


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