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KNOWLEDGEABLE STAFF AND GREAT GEAR The Highlands Proshop offers knowledgeable staff
working to properly fit you, your lifestyle, and budget.

ProShop COVID Grey Zone Policy

We will be offering outside fittings for ski equipment by appointment only. During the appointment we will only be able to fit one customer at a time. Children 17 years and younger will need to be accompanied by an adult. Dress appropriately as the fitting will be outdoors, you will need to hand sanitize before getting fitted. Drop in’s WILL NOT be accepted.

Appointments for January are currently sold out.

We are doing our very best to accommodate as many people as possible, but due to limited supplies we simply can’t fit everyone. Thank you for your understanding.

Used equipment will be sold as is. If a skier cannot be present for used equipment fitting we will not be able to switch sizes if it doesn’t fit. We highly recommend the adult sized skier is present for the fitting. For Junior equipment the skier is not required to be present.

Pre-arranged Trackside pick-up is also available for any ProShop items such as clothing and waxes. Please allow for 48 hours for us to put your order together. Please call (705-444-5017) or email to arrange this. No in person ordering is possible.

We encourage questions about equipment through emails and phone calls, but all appointment inquiries will be directed to the online booking system. As always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have and will continue to provide the knowledge and service that you have come to expect.

Please note that booking an appointment will NOT mean that you are guaranteed equipment. We are doing our very best to accommodate as many people as possible, but due to limited supplies we simply can't fit everyone.

You will be contacted a few days in advance to confirm the equipment we have picked for you.

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Here is what we can offer you in Highlands Nordic Pro Shop

Skis and Poles

The Highlands Pro Shop offers a variety of classic and skate skis, ranging from introductory recreation equipment to top of the line race gear. Highlands sells both Fischer and Madshus skis, two of the top selling brands in the industry. We also offer a full range of poles from basic recreation poles to top of the line 100% carbon shaft poles. Brand names include Swix, Madshus, and Yoko.

Camber Testing and Much More...

When fitting you for equipment our staff first gathers information from you related to your skiing ability and the purpose you are buying the equipment for (examples: getting outside in winter, participating in a loppet, racing at the National Championships), as well as where you are planning to use the equipment.  Next our staff picks out equipment for you based on height and more importantly, camber.  You-and your new skis- will be put on a camber board to determine the stiffness of the ski as well as how the ski distributes your weight.  This is important in both classic and skate skiing.


As important as picking out a well fitting ski is picking out a boot to fit your foot and your lifestyle.  We provide Salomon, Fischer, and Alpina brand classic and skate boots in a variety of styles and price points.  When fitting boots we ensure your heel is secure, but the toe box is comfortable.


We offer ski specific clothing including ski tights, jerseys, long underwear, warm ups, gloves, socks, and toques.  We also offer a variety of clothing that is appropriate for skiing but can also be used for running and/or cycling.  Brands include, Swix, Craft, Louis Garneau, Sugoi, Yoko, Auclair, Buff, Lorpen, and much more!


The Highlands Nordic Pro Shop also offers a variety of accessories, including Neos overboots, waterbottle holders, and Ryders sunglasses.

Wax and Waxing Accessories

Our staff can provide you with extensive waxing and ski care knowledge. We carry Swix, Ski Go, Rode, Vaughti, and Toko waxes and accessories. Accessories include ski forms, irons, rillers, and more. If we don't have what you want, we can likely get it.

Expert Help at our Service Bench

Staff with a fantastic knowledge base, and lots of experience, are available to mount bindings, wax, clean, and fix your skis, cut poles, and offer ski care advice.

Ski Service Price List

Glide Wax: $15

Apply Grip Wax OR Klister: $7

Ski Cleaning: $20

Mount/Dismount Bindings: $20

Pole Cutting: $15 per pair

Ski Repair: $10 and up

Base Repair: $25 and up

Tar: $60

*All prices include HST

Phone: (705) 444-5017