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ProShop Booking – 2023/2024


Book your appointment for a ProShop ski fitting - tickets will become available here on October 3rd at 9AM. Note - Two people can be fitted in one appointment. This is simply to do with the amount of time it takes to complete a fitting. If you have more than two people in you party looking to get fitted or you are looking to get fitted with multiple sets of equipment you may need to book a second appointment. 

For the 2023/2024 season we will have a mixture of appointments and drop in options to purchase ski equipment. We are a family run business which means our staff have a lot of different jobs! During the week we will be doing our ski fittings by appointment so that we know when a customer is looking to get set up with equipment, and we can ensure that one of our Nordic experts is available. When our staff are not in a scheduled appointment you may find them out doing trail work, picking up groceries for the Cafe, doing emails or maybe escaping for a quick ski themselves! We require 48hrs cancellation notice, to allow for opportunity to fill that spot with someone else.

On the weekends we will offer two morning appointment time slots (at 8:45AM & 10AM) if you prefer the one on one service of an appointment. From 11AM on you can drop in for ski equipment fittings on a first come first serve basis.

Clothing, ski service or wax purchases don't need an appointment and you can drop in for those items during our operating hours.

When you buy a full ski package (boots, poles and skis), you will receive a complimentary Day Pass to use before the end of the 2023/2024 season and 10% off clothing and accessories at the time of your ski package purchase.

You will need to have the shoe size, height and weight of the person/people attending the appointment. Let us know if you are looking for classic or skate equipment, and if you want beginner or advanced level gear. This will help point us in the right direction for what you might be looking for! Our goal is to ensure you get the best equipment to suit your needs and abilities. We do our very best to accommodate and properly fit as many people as possible.

You will be contacted before your appointment ONLY if we feel we don't have the proper fitting equipment. Please provide as much detail as possible while booking your appointment.

The 8:45AM ProShop Appointment - Weekend Only ticket sales has ended!
The 10AM ProShop Appointment - Weekend Only ticket sales has ended!
The 9:30AM ProShop Appointment - Weekday Only ticket sales has ended!
The 1PM ProShop Appointment - Weekday Only ticket sales has ended!
The 2:15PM ProShop Appointment - Weekday Only ticket sales has ended!


Oct 21 2023


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