Elementary Winter Programs

Elementary Winter Programs

Our Mid-Week Winter Programs are designed to introduce children to cross country skiing, snowshoeing, winter survival skills and winter ecology. Fully certified instructors and staff bring a wealth of experience to our school programs offering an unsurpassed level of quality and expertise.

Please be advised that although Highlands trails are patrolled, it is our policy that students be with an adult at all times.


Note: If less than 10 students, public fee rate applies, plus an instructor fee of $40/hour

Winter Program 1: Cross Country Skiing / Snowshoeing

Half Day - $15.00 Per Visit Per Student if 10 or more students

Either cross-country ski or snowshoe

Skiing: students have a half-hour lesson in which they learn proper skiing techniques. After the lesson, students, teachers, and parent volunteers explore nature unique to the Niagara Escarpment along our marked trail system. Includes half-day trail fee, ½ hour lesson, and classic no-wax rentals.

Snowshoeing: the class may choose one of our snowshoe programs: winter survival, shelter building, predator/prey survival game, wildlife hike, or Trappers and Traders.  Includes trail fee, snowshoe rentals, and snowshoe guide/outdoor interpreter.

Full Day - $20.00 Per Visit Per Student if 10 or more students

For each session, students participate in cross country skiing
for half the day and snowshoe for the other half of the day.


Winter Program 2: for grades 1 to 6

Half Day Indoor Curriculum Based program/ Half Day Outdoor Skiing or Snowshoeing

A select number of our core curriculum based, half day Science/Geography/Social Studies programs are now being offered ALL year. Elementary students from grades 1 to 6, spend half day indoors with hands-on learning as they rotate through a series of dynamic activity centres then the other half day, outdoors on cross-country skis or snowshoes enjoying the beauty of a Canadian Winter.

A list of programs available can be found under "Programs - Outdoor Edcuation".

Full Day - $20.00 Per Day Per Student - includes all ski/snowshoe rentals


Teachers and Volunteers Ski and Snowshoe for FREE.

Please note that we expect volunteers to assist students with skis, snowshoes and with trail supervision.

For safety and proper fit, it is recommended that all participants use the Highlands Nordic rental equipment.

ALL students must attend the ski lesson.

Students MUST be able to tie their own boot laces. Please be prepared to assist younger students with their boot laces.



Have any questions? Want to book a date?

Fred Tustin (Highlands Program Director)
E-mail: hoec@highlandsnordic.ca
Phone: 1 800 263 5017 or (705) 444 5017

When your trip has been booked

1) Call Highlands Nordic: Confirm final numbers of students, teachers, and parent volunteers. Confirm number of lunch specials. If participating in the ½ day Welcome to Winter program ,we will confirm if your students will be doing snowshoeing or skiing during their first visit.

2) Included in your notice to students, the following list of items they will need to make their day enjoyable:

  • Winter Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Warm Mitts or Gloves
  • Water Bottle
  • Warm Socks
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Layers of Clothing
  • Winter Jacket
  • Snow Pants
  • Lunch (if applicable)

* If involved in the full day program please bring an extra hat, mitts, and socks.

3) Highlands Nordic Inc. will review a list of rules and etiquette on your groups’ first visit. This helps ensure your students’ day is safe and fun. A copy of our Rules and Etiquette will be sent to you along with a final confirmation. In order to invoice each visit with us, we require a teacher to sign off on the number of students in attendance from your school. This helps to ensure an accurate invoice is issued to your school. Upon completion of your school’s elective program or day visit, Highlands Nordic will send/email your school an invoice.

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