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8:30AM Update!

Now that Chanse is done grooming we have an update. Please hold off on skiing until 10am. We did lose the Green Trail as well as around the Sugar Shack, and he didn’t groom Teals Tango. Again we are suggesting no beginners today. Today there is a bypass of the Sugar Shack and continuing to the S-Climb. Once you get up top the skiing isn’t too bad. Conditions will be soft today.


Well folks that we was a seriously unpleasant day weather-wise. There were still some keeners out there skiing which was great to see. If you can believe it the trails made it through the night! There was a lot of rain and got up to 9 degrees🤦🏻‍♀️. The temperature didn’t start dropping until 1AM so the trails need some time to tighten up. We are suggesting people hold their skiing off until 10AM, to let the trails firm up a little. Although it will likely still be soft and slushy in spots. It seems like we actually didn’t lose too much snow up top. There is a thin spot at the Sugar Shack and Hawberry. But you should be able to step around it to still use your good skis. Skate skiing will probably be better today. This is not a day of beginners. PLEASE DO NOT walk on the ski trails. Even with snowshoes you can leave a lot of damage. Please only snowshoe on the snowshoe trails. You know what they say happy groomer, happy life. We need to keep Chanse happy, and holes in his skis trails do not make him happy. Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Millennium Loop are open! You still won’t need to use your rock skis, there is good coverage through the network.

Since weather is questionable this weekend we are going to hold off on lessons and rentals this weekend. Please be patient with us! We are moving into Red on Monday so we do need to figure out some logistics to make sure everything can run smoothly and safely. 

Remember to please respect opening hours. The trails open at 8:30 in the morning, we ask people to start coming off the trails at 4:30 so we are close up the building at 5. We plan to start the night skiing in the New Year. 

You MUST wear a mask while in the building. Note that a wet buff coming in from skiing is not an effective mask. Please keep one handy when you go out for a ski for your return. 

Make sure you read our COVID Winter Policies before attending. Please note for right now we won’t be offering lessons or rentals. We need to get ourselves a little more organized. It is not as straight forward this year! Remember we ask you use your vehicle as your base and do not leave bags in the building. Please limit your time inside to 15 minutes. 

We know there are a couple of tweeks we need to figure out with the contact tracing. Please be patient with us as we work through it. It is a new system for everyone, and we may be to figure out a few things as we go. We have a back up paper copy as an option as well. 

Contact Tracing and Active Screening must be done the for everyone coming onto the property the day they will be visiting. You cannot do this the night before. You can complete a form online. We request that you complete this before you show up. Note that cell service may not be good enough to do this onsite. Once the screening and tracing is complete you will receive an email that you will need to show at our health check station before you can head out to ski. Take a screen shot of your contact tracing so it is easy to find once you arrive! If the email you receive has comes back red, it mean you have answered YES to one of the screen questions. In that case you are NOT able to ski at our location that day. If the email you receive comes back green, we will see you on the trails shortly! 

We have a paper copy that can be done in person as a back up. 

Click here to contact trace. This must be completed every day you come skiing!

Our conditions texting update program is back! We update the conditions page every morning, but sometimes things change through the day. With this program updates will come directly to you as a text. No app download required. Your phone number will not be shared. These updates are not to replace checking the conditions page, but to update you on changes through the day. Send you cell phone number to