Conditions for December 14, 2020

Weather Conditions




Expected High


Snow in Last 24Hrs


Mainly Cloud

Surface Conditions

Machine Groomed Granular

Ski and Activity Conditions




Track Set



Showshow Trails


Fat Biking


Teal's Tango


Recommended Waxes

  Swix  Toko Rode
Grip Swix Silver Universal Klister Toko Red Rode Universal Klister
Glide Swix PS8 Toko Red

Today we move into RED. Please read the policies and procedures before you come for a ski. Click here. Know before you go! You MUST wear a mask while in the building. Note that a wet buff coming in from skiing is not an effective mask. Please keep a clean and dry mask for when you return from your ski. 

Still had some keener people out skiing yesterday and up top the conditions are pretty good! We did lose the Green Trail as well as around the Sugar Shack. There is a bypass of the Sugar Shack through the Honey hill and continuing to the S-Climb. Once you get up top the skiing isn’t too bad. Conditions will be soft today, and will be better for skate. There is a track but Chanse hasn’t been able to put in a new track, so its a bit mushy in sections. Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Millennium Loop are open! You still won’t need to use your rock skis, there is good coverage through the network. Chanse has groomed Teals Tango, and it is a bit thin in spots.

Rentals and lessons will officially start on December 19th! We are putting the final touches on the online booking system. But will have that up and running soon.

Contact Tracing and Active Screening must be done the for everyone coming onto the property the day they will be visiting. You cannot do this the night before. You can complete a form online. We request that you complete this before you show up. Note that cell service may not be good enough to do this onsite. Once the screening and tracing is complete you will receive an email that you will need to show at our health check station before you can head out to ski. Take a screen shot of your contact tracing so it is easy to find once you arrive! If the email you receive has comes back red, it mean you have answered YES to one of the screen questions. In that case you are NOT able to ski at our location that day. If the email you receive comes back green, we will see you on the trails shortly! We have a paper copy that can be done in person as a back up. 

Click here to contact trace. This must be completed every day you come skiing!

Our conditions texting update program is back! We update the conditions page every morning, but sometimes things change through the day. With this program updates will come directly to you as a text. No app download required. Your phone number will not be shared. These updates are not to replace checking the conditions page, but to update you on changes through the day. Send you cell phone number to