Day Camp Registration Open online at 9AM

Registration will happen at Highlands Nordic Website. Click on the Menu on the left, then under the Upcoming Events tab.

  • Fill out the first page of the registration. This will only require information like name, contact information and the week(s) you wish to register for.
  • Once that first page is submitted your spot is on hold. A confirmation email will arrive with a link to complete the more detailed health, emergency contact information and waiver. Ensure you have typed your email correctly on the first page. If you do not see this email come through; first check your junk mail. If it has not arrived email Kelly.
  • Your spot is on hold for 24hrs until the health, emergency contact and waiver information has been completed. Your spot will be released if this information is not received within 24hrs.
  • We ask you to call your credit card in as security deposit once you have registered you child(ren). Your card will not be charged immediately. You will still be able to make payment by your preferred payment method (e-transfer, debit, or credit card)

Highlands Day Camp Registration

Highlands Day Camp registration will open on May 1, 2022 through this website. The registration form will be found on the Highlands Day Camp page at that time.

March 29

Last day round 2! Rain tomorrow and plus 13 on Thursday. The ground was pretty saturated before this snow so with those two days of weather this base wont last. What pleasure to really end of the season on such a great ski day. Conditions are excellent, although a little soft. Chanse has regroomed everything with the Husky. Today will be a beauty with sunny skies. Green, Blue, Yellow and Orange are open.
To give everyone a chance to try and get out we are going to have night skiing this evening and will be open until 8.
Remember we are operating with limited services. The ProShop and rentals are closed but the service bench is open if needed. Maybe you need to summer wax…again.

March 28

Well it looks like we got a second wind! Mother Nature wasn’t quite done with us.
Chanse has groomed with the Husky since we got so much fresh snow. It will be soft, but not many can say they have had powder skiing at the end of March! Trails will be snow covered as it won’t snow snowing 😯
Blue, Yellow, Orange and Millennium Loop are open. Come down on the Teaching Hill.
Services will be limited. There will be no rentals, and the ProShop is closed. Service Bench is open for waxing.
Come out and enjoy second winter!

March 23

Trails are closed. Freezing rain and rain coming today which will likely finish off the network. For the safety of our staff driving today the building will also remain closed. Stay tuned for any big weather change updates here!

March 22

Here we are, the last day of the season! With the rain coming on Wednesday we though we would end the season on a high note. Rock skis would be suggested. Everything was groomed with the ginzue last night. It will be very fast and firm in the morning (almost icy) and then slow down as it warms up probably around noon. Yellow trail is in great shape, with the Second Finger having a tricky spot at the top of the hill. Teal’s Tango, Green trail, Quarry, Hawberry, Back Red and Woolner Loop are closed. Return to the Chalet coming down the Teaching Hill. Today’s conditions are for people who are comfortable and experienced on their skis, not for beginners. 

Parking in the upper lot.

Fat biking is closed. Follow @highlandsfatbike on Instagram for daily updates on conditions.

Our conditions texting update program is back! We update the conditions page every morning, but sometimes things change through the day. With this program updates will come directly to you as a text. No app download required. Your phone number will not be shared. These updates are not to replace checking the conditions page, but to update you on changes through the day. Send you cell phone number to