Highlands Day Camp Registration

Highlands Day Camp registration will open on May 1, 2022 through this website. The registration form will be found on the Highlands Day Camp page at that time.

Let’s Plant a Tree Update

With over 130 trees donated this project is well underway! Starting in October our team will be putting 400 trees into the ground and transplanting 500 3 year old seedlings to begin the Teal’s Tango transformation.

Let’s plant a tree!

Teal’s Tango opened in the 2019/2020 Season, and has since become one of
our most popluar trails.
Highland’s favourite fur baby, Teal, has always loved getting out to ski and
we wanted to create an opportunity for other dogs and their owners
to have the same experience.
A dog friendly ski trail is not something you see very often in Ontario
– but we had the space and the vision so we gave it a try!
Teal’s Tango has since become a hot spot, not just for dog owners and their pups.
Families, beginners, people practicing, warming up or cooling down
have all spent time on the trail. It has truly become a trail for everyone.
To complete the vision we need trees! We hope to plant 10,000 trees to protect
the trail from wind and help preserve snow. But we can’t do it alone.
Would you like to help?
Plant your legacy by donating a tree to Teal’s Tango.
A contribution of $150 covers a 4ft tree, delivery and planting

Our Covid Screening

We have implemented a screening test which allows you to feel safe, abide by the covid rules and still have a great time at Highlands! Fill it out here before coming to Highlands please.